Conference Overview

The Chevrah Kadisha and Jewish Cemetery Conference started as an annual event in 2003, and is two-and-a-half days of intense learning focused on the end-of life continuum. From visiting the sick (bikkur cholim), to ritual preparation of the dead for burial (taharah) and comforting the soul between death and burial (shmirah), through funeral and burial to all aspects of grief and mourning, this conference allows every participant to immerse in the knowledge, resources, texts, and discussions vital to working in their own community.

The conference is held in a different community every year, all over North America. Venues have included hotels, JCCs, synagogues, and college campuses. The presentations respectfully embrace and include every approach to Jewish living, and every kind of Jewish community.  Some sessions are oriented toward mainstream practices while others are introducing new approaches and rituals.

Don’t miss the “live” taharah demo as well as discussions of intermarried burials, active listening, marketing traditional funerals and burials, infection control, history of the Chevrah Kadisha, autopsy and medical examiners, non-profit funeral homes, transgender issues, cemetery consecration, Maavor Yabbok text study, healing, cemetery finances, bereavement photography, genealogy, cemetery regulators, and much more. Plus lots of networking, discussing, strategizing, sharing, and supporting.